Urban Air Mobility

Addressing new challenges with the arrival of new aircraft types

Flying taxi, drones, automated and remotely piloted vehicles are knocking at the door of urban areas. They may meet the demand for alternative modes of transportation and help to reduce noise and CO2 emissions as well. But the main concern deals with safety of people and integration into mainstream air traffic.

It is in this context that we are coordinator of the TindAIR (Tactical INstrumental Deconfliction And In-flight Resolution) european project.

The aim will be to validate concepts of operations and target architecture for conflict detection and resolution function for all airspace users and will offer validated and experienced U-space services to the future users of these modes of urban air mobility (UAM). This effort is also the opportunity to demonstrate operations of a tactical conflict resolution service module that embeds an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which shall be integrated into the future U-space deployments.