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One C2 to rule them all

An anti-drone system must be adapted to a mission and an environment as well as consolidate the maximum number of available data sources (sensors, existing surveillance network, etc.).
This is why it is necessary to harmonize the tools, interfaces and mode of operations at local, regional or national level while allowing a real-time and fluid collaboration between the actors involved in the surveillance of low altitude airspace.

U-SpaceKeeper is an agnostic software platform that give you the choice to select from a wide array of industry leading sensors and effectors and relies on AI algorithms to increase detection rate while decreasing false alarms.

AI based, Agnostic and Versatile field proven C2

The U-SpaceKeeper C-UAS C2 is the central piece to deploy and operate various C-UAS sensors and effectors that respond to various threats, missions, and operation theaters.

C2 is an agnostic software based on AI technology and can integrate any third-part detection and neutralization means, it produces a unified air-situation and a set of rule-of-engagement support and recommendations.

Thanks to its open architecture, the C2 allows to deploy systems that could evolve in time by adding new sensor/effectors to be able to adapt your system to threat mutation and sensors technology improvements during years without having to change the whole system, operational methods, and RoE implementation.

The C2 is designed to be used at different levels of operation from local mobile troop to medium or large asset protection and central headquarters.