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We belong to ATM, we build UTM

U-SpaceKeeper is a field proven-innovative solution developed by Innov’ATM, a technology company based in Toulouse, France.

We work with an agile, incremental and pragmatic approach, putting technology at the service of air transport operators.

Since 2014, we have supported Air Navigation Services Providers with innovative Air Transport Management solutions and services. We have been working hand in hand with the authorities for years, and in particular with air traffic controllers. This allows us to have a very operational vision of their needs and to respond in an adapted and controlled manner: mission criticality, SWAL requirements, software security, regulatory constraints, etc.

Recognized as ATM experts, we were selected by several European ANSPs to join U-Space program, which aims to facilitate safe UAS operations in controlled airspace through new and innovative UTM solutions.

“Our collaboration with European ANSPs on the creation of a fully operational U-Space architecture in 2023 is a challenge that excites our team and motivates us to keep on developing the innovations that will constitute the UTM of tomorrow”.

—  Amine Karray
Co-founder and CEO of Innov’ATM

C-UAS in our crosshairs

In 2017, we developed a solution for the detection, monitoring and protection against intrusive drones, as there were existing sensors on the market but not really adapted to C-UAS.
We therefore created a C2 – command and control system – integrating all these sensors and offering a consolidated air situation, with high detection and low false alarms rates, ensuring airport surveillance capability.

Our ability and know-how to integrate multiple sensors in an agnostic approach and to reduce drastically false alarms has made this program a success.
Since 2019, we have been working with the military Forces to adapt this system to military needs.

Thanks to our expertise and our solid experience in counter-drone, we support our customers in building their C-UAS system.

” We are a team dedicated to new technologies for defence and aeronautics with developers, architects, software and system engineers, data scientists, applied maths engineers and operational experts with members from military forces.

Our watchwords are: listening, teaching, understanding operational needs, and responsiveness. We project ourselves onto the field to see the problems of operators, we are agile and pragmatic with regard to technologies.”

—  Damien Brugne
Drone Transport Industry Director at Innov’ATM

Preparing the Urban Air Mobility of tomorrow

By developing software and services that meet your needs today, we were only one step away from addressing your issues of tomorrow: we took the plunge with the European Union, which asked us to lead the TindAIR project (Tactical INstrumental Deconfliction And in flight Resolution) – the European program on Urban Air Mobility.

The aim of this project is to reflect on the development of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in urban environments.

With U-SpaceKeeper, you benefit from technical
and business experts who perfectly master your environment
and support you along your UTM and C-UAS programs.

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